European Tour 2004 and D-Day

Thanks to everyone that helped us out with the tour and the photos! We had a great time, hope to see you all again soon.

D-Day D-Day
D-Day D-Day
D-Day crowd from the stage after our set D-Day
Mike, ?, Deke, Roy and Robin D-Day
Sylvia and Manni Rudy, Chris and Roy in the Cruise Inn
Manuela and Rudy Arnold, Roy and Anneke
Michel, Sam, Manuela, Wanda, and Rudy at D-Day D-Day Poster
Biker's in Oldenburg, Germany Biker's
Biker's Biker's
Mike and Robin in downtown Oldenburg
Geldrop, The Netherlands Geldrop
Robin, Roy, Huey and Mike Geldrop crowd
Leaving Geldrop  Robin and Roy in front of the NH
Hoorn, Holland Hoorn, Holland
Hoorn, Holland Anneke and the trio
Robin and Anneke Mike in Amsterdam
Wurzburg, Germany Big Food
After the show in Wurzburgat On the way to Berlin
Mad 'n' Crazy Berlin
Mad 'n' Crazy back halls
Mike after the Van Gogh Museum tough guys waiting for a bus
The Voodoo Bar, Göttingen, Germany
Marco and Daniel
Crazy Crowd
The Hearbreak Hotel, Hannover, Germany
Heartbreak Hotel Crowd
Mike, Ralf, Robin and Roy
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