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All Music Guide (US)- Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon
Full of purest rockabilly and Western bop, the Roy Kay Trio's Rock-a-Way Lonesome Moon is a superb third album that finds the drummerless trio sounding better than ever. Having delved deep into straight-up rockabilly on the group's first two albums, guitarist/vocalist Roy Kay, lead guitarist Mike Geglia, and upright bassist Robin Cady move on to '50s country here. The result is an utterly tuneful and danceable album that reveals the trio's knack for sparkling vocal harmonies and snappy guitar twang. This is especially true on tracks like Kay's "Cold Tears" and Geglia's "Two of a Kind," which bring to mind a more rockin' version of such classic acts as the Delmore Brothers and the Blue Sky Boys. It also doesn't hurt that the album was produced in Berlin by German roots rocker Axel Praefke on vintage recording equipment, giving the album a warm period '50s sound. Third time is definitely a charm for the Roy Kay Trio with Rock-a-Way Lonesome Moon. - Matt Collar
BlackCat Rockabilly  (NL) Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon
"Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon" (2006), is the third and most recent one, produced by Axel Praefcke and recorded in his studio at Lightning Recording Service in Berlin, Germany. There are 14 shiny gold nuggets on this little platter. Eleven new songs and three new covers and, oh boy, do I like'm! If you're looking for the real stuff, this is it, Sun sound, boppin' foottappers, pure rockabilly and no consessions to modern influences whatsoever. Roy Kay is blessed with a warm melodic voice and mighty fine writer skills. He writes catchy and lighthearted songs that are able to turn any sad mood quickly into a bright mood again. Mike Ceglia is one of those heavy duty guitar pickers every band should have. Great lines and accents and never overdone, but exactly what the song asks for. Same goes for Robin Cady, the bass player, who also co-writes many of the songs on this album. Of course there's a few covers on this CD and I really like Long John Roller's "Long John's Flagpole Rock" a lot, it blends in great with the rest of the songs. A whole lot of efford went into creating the authentic sound I'm listening to right now. First of all every song has been recorded on original vintage fifties gear in Axel Praefcke's studio. After that the tapes went back to Seattle and have been cut onto acetate using a genuine 1940's Presto Lathe recorder (pre-tape!) and the resulting master plate has been transferred directly onto CD. This mixed process results into the best mix a man can get between 21st century technology and authentic analogue sound. What else can I give this release but 5 stars?
CK Deluxe (US) Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon - Pick of the Month
This is the third full length album from Seattle, WA's ultra-traditional
rockabilly band, The Roy Kay Trio. "Rock-A-Way Lonesome Moon" showcases this
talented threesome at the peak of their musical prowess, proving why they
are one of the most promising and preeminent rockabilly acts on the scene
today. This is a superb example of modern day/old school rockabilly fusion,
a "folk" record in the truest sense of the word. With a smile in his voice,
some swing in his strum and a bop in his step, Roy Kay delivers 14 crowd
pleasing numbers, all in his trademark gentle "western style." Guitarist
Mike Geglia's tight telecaster technique will really make you sit up and pay
attention to the melody and you'll never miss the drummer when you hear
Robin Cady's rhythmic bass slapping getting the job done right.

Recorded in Germany while the boys toured Europe in 2005, "Rock-A-Way" was
created under the auspices of AXEL PRAEFCKE (IKE & THE CAPERS, THE ROCKIN
ROOSTERS, THE ROUND-UP BOYS); this album benefits from the deep appreciation
for authentic American Roots Rock music that Europeans have maintained for
decades. Using the vintage sound equipment at Lightning Recording Services
of Berlin, these West Coast kids made a real American rockabilly recording
that they could then import back here to the states! The attention to detail
is all over this record -from the period perfect packaging to the spot on
mastering- it's a keeper from start to finish!

You get eleven originals and three covers on the R.K.T.'s "Rock-A-Way
Lonesome Moon" CD. "My Rockin' Heart" is a twangy bopper with a breathless
beat laid down by the young rockin' Robin. You'd swear that there are two
lead guitarists here, but it's all Geglia. Roy's call and response lyrics
for "You're For Me" swing and sway just right -one of my favorites here.
"She Tracked Me Down," is another brilliant bopper with an undeniable beat.
It's wicked catchy -just try NOT to tap your toes or nod your head! "Move
 On" features Roy's hiccups and scats over Geglia's western jazz leads.
"Lonesome Moon" would be a perfect Johnny Cash number; it has all the
hallmarks of a classic Man In Black track. BILLY JACK WILLS classic early
hot rod number "Cadillacin' Model A" gets a strip down and streamline
retread courtesy of Geglia's six cylinder guitar work. Hop on board the
rockin' express with TOMMY SCOTT's 1951 Federal single "Rockin' and Rollin'"
and then lope along to the lazy bop of LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER's classic
"Long John's Flagpole Rock."

Rockin' melodies, gentle western rhythms, smooth boppin' beats, and
hillbilly harmonies that will sound perfect around a campfire, in a sawdusty
honkytonk or a greasy saloon. Grab that bottle and get ready to BOP along
with the Roy Kay Trio! Definitely for fans of traditional, early styled
rockabilly (think HIGH NOON or early BIG SANDY and the FLY-RITE TRIO).
"Rock-A-Way Lonesome Moon" is an excellent platter that will garner plenty
of spins from fans of old and new rockabilly. My pick of the ish! -Del Villareal
Planet Rockabilly (US) Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon
This latest Roy Kay Trio CD is their third release and they have managed to retain the original line-up! Nice feat for any band, let alone a traditional boppin' hillbilly and country boogie trio like these boys! Roy Kay o要 rhythm guitar/croonin' vocals, Robin Cady drivin' rhythm o要 upright bass and the ultra smooth guitar pickin' Mike Geglia fill out the trio's line-up nicely!

"Rock-A-Way Lonesome Moon" was engineered and recorded by Axel Praefcke at the prolific lightning recording studios in Berlin. The recordings were later cut to acetate by Kearney Barton o要 an original 1940's Presto lathe. Guaranteed fantastic sound quality!

The sound o要 the CD follows nicely in the tradition early 50's rockabilly & country with 11 new originals. My favorites are "Everyday I'm Countin'" (mid-tempo bopper), "Two Of A Kind" (nice rockin' guitar break!) , "Move o要" (another nice hillbilly bopper) and their version of "Long John's Flagpole Rock"! Roy's writing style is upbeat and lightheartedsure to lift your spirits o要 a gloomy day!

Jumpin' From 6 to 6 (FR) Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon

Rock-A-Way Lonesome Moon is the third album by this Seattle drumless trio (two guitars and a bass). The previous ones has been respectively produced by Deke Dickerson and Ashley Kingman. For this one they went to Germany and choose Axel Praefcke (Ike & The Capers) as co-producer. I believe you already know all the good things I think about them, if you dont read Jumpin from 6 to 6 #2. And this album wont change my mind ! All but three songs are originals mostly written by Roy. Robin (bass) and Mike (guitar) contribute one song each. About the music theres no big departure from the previous albums, youll find the same blend of rockabilly (My Rockin Heart, Move On), hillbilly boogie (She Tracked Me Down has backing vocals very similar to Webb Pierces Teenage Boogie), beautiful ballads (Ive Lost, Untie Th is Strings) but this time they added a touch of western swing with Cadillac In Model A and its jazzy chords. Axel did a very job job producing this record and gave it a sound of its own. I wont go more into details, but if you want to hear a well produced album, good songwriting, beautiful harmonies this one is for you. Another (the third !!!!) future classic album from Roy and the boys. Wouldnt be surprised to find them on Thatll Flat Git It Vol. 217 in 2052. And as usual with this band, the cover and the booklet are very well designed. - Fred Turgis

BMR Radio Network (US) Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon 
Using rockabilly legends like Johnny Burnette, Charlie Feathers, and Carl Perkins as starting points, the Roy Kay Trio are a drumless rockabilly band that manages to be perfectly rhythmic with just an acoustic guitar, an electric one, and an upright bass. The trio plays rockabilly, hillbilly bop and early country and always has a good time doin' it.
Rockabilly Rave (UK) Live 
[Washingtonians] the ROY KAY TRIO lived up to the shining promise of their records. Roy has a potent and confident voice and the band was tightly rehearsed and coherent. To their credit, they played mostly their own material. The overall effect is akin to the Bellfuries, a very fine thing indeed. - Bill Smoker
Rockabilly Hall of Fame (US) Live - Green Bay
The Roy Kay Trio took the stage at 9 p.m [Saturday]. in the Iroquois Room. The Roy Kay Trio is a traditional rockabilly band from Seattle, and the lineup has not changed since they were formed in late 2001. Roy Kay is on vocals and acoustic guitar, Robin Cady on upright bass, and Mike Geglia on electric lead guitar and harmony vocals. They did a very nice job and the crowd couldn't stop dancing and movin' around. They did a very nice version of Johnny Powers' "Long Blond Hair," and the response from the crowd was so great that they did two encores, "The Fickle Chicken" and "Rock Island Line."
A year ago, The Roy Kay Trio released its first CD, "Knockin' Em Back" that is available from Hepcat Records, Barnes & Noble and Also hot off the presses is a new 45-RPM vinyl record, "Travel Bound." A very nice set, men! - Barry Klein
AOL Digital city (US) Live 
Although they've only been together since December 2001, the Roy Kay Trio is already receiving stunning reviews both from the press and new fans. Formed by Roy "Kay" Konitzer, the trio's music is very raw, stripped down to its core, and while Kay does have a smooth voice, it's his sincere interaction with the audience that gains this group of rockers new fans every show. -- Michael Alarcon
Seattle Weekly (US) Live
Using rockabilly legends like Johnny Burnette, Charlie Feathers, and Carl Perkins as starting points, the Roy Kay Trio are a drumless rockabilly band that manages to be perfectly rhythmic with just an acoustic guitar, an electric one, and an upright bass. Lyrically as well as musically, the Trio take inspiration from country and rock genres, fusing them into a spirited tribute to Americana. They sing about heartache and record hops, and their aesthetic is purely vintage, too. Surf-guitar legend Deke Dickerson produced the band's debut record. 
The Village Voice (US) General

Rockabilly didnt die when Elvis did; in fact, the underground, independent scene is alive and well. Check out bands like the Duotones, the Roy Kay Trio, and Wild Willie & Big Deal A. Phillips

The Green Bay Gazette (US) General

Doran has put together a top musical lineup. Besides such pioneers as Jerry Lee Lewis, Ike Turner, Narvel Felts and Sonny Burgess, the fest also includes such contemporary high-octane acts as High Noon, the Roy Kay Trio and Jimmy Suttons Four Charms. And there is plenty of flash to go along with six days of nonstop music: vendors selling everything from vintage clothing to old vinyl, after-hour record hops and late-night jam sessions.

All Music Guide (US) Knockin' Em Back
On its sophomore effort Knockin' Em Back, the Roy Kay Trio delivers more high-energy rockabilly sans drums and cum excitement. Once again showcasing the talents of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Roy Kay, lead guitarist Mike Geglia, and bassist Robin Cady, the trio achieves an even tighter overall group aesthetic than on their stellar debut, Wanderin' Mind. Produced and recorded by Big Sandy cohorts Wally Hersom and Ashley Kingman, the album has a vintage '50s sound that should appeal to purist rockabilly fanatics. To these ends, Geglia has found a tasty Paul Burlison-type balance between low twang and "chicken-pickin'" freneticism while Cady's solid and punchy bottom-end more than makes up for the lack of a drummer. Singer Kay's immediately hummable originals including the danceable "In the Middle" and the bluesy leadoff track, "I Know," smartly outweigh cover tunes this time around, although he does imbue such vintage nuggets as Hank Williams' "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" and the Johnny Burnette Trio's "Lonesome Tears in My Eyes" with his usual warm charm. ~ Matt Collar
Hi Flyer (FR) Knockin' Em Back
The Roy Kay Trio is from Seattle USA: Roy Kay (vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Robin Cady (Upright Bass/Backing Vocals), Mike Geglia (Telecaster/Backing Vocals). Following their excellent first CD "Wanderin' Mind", the guys are back with this long play album produced by Ashley Kingman: "Knockin' Em Back". 14 tracks of pure authentic rockabilly (recorded live on vintage equipments by Wally Hersom) including 3 covers (Hank Williams's "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" which is my fav, Buddy Holly's "Down the line", & Rockabilly Trio's "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes") and 11 self-penned tracks. Roy has a really specific voice, that fits wonderfully with rockabilly; he is also a good rhythm guitarist, and together with Robin on Upright Bass, they make you forget that there's no drums, and their music make you stomp your feet. Mike, on Telecaster (I love the sound of this guitar), is a subtle rockabilly guitarist. From Mid tempo songs ("She Left Me Alone", "Overboard"), to faster ones ("Fighting Bop"), the original songs are really good. I had the chance to catch the band live & I haven't been disappointed, so don't miss them at the next Rockabilly Rave. This CD is one of my favourites of the year.
Mad House Jump (DE) Knockin' Em Back - Recomended
The first album of the Roy Kay Trio been a real goodie, but the second one tops ablsolute. 14 die hard Rockabilly tunes without drums but a real winner. Pure 50's Rockabilly at best!!! *I Know*, *Fightin' Bop*, *Better Beware* or *Last Time Charmed* are all the best dancefloor hits!! The band rocks their socks off and you can't find any bad tunes on this album!!!!! he nice booklet contains all song lyrics. Produced by Ashley Kingman, recorded by Wally Hersom.
Rockabilly Hall of Fame - Rave On Reviews (US-CA) Knockin' Em Back
Many cool things come out of Seattle; such is the case with The Roy Kay Trio and their second CD release. A root based group, Roy Kay on Vocals and Guitar, Robin Cady on Upright Bass and backing vocals and Mike Geglia on Electric Guitar and Harmony Vocals.

This group makes pleasing sounds, never using a drummer. With Robin slapping the bass, you never miss the drums. Mike brings in his bright guitar sounds and the two work well to form a strong backing behind Roy.

With the trio in mind, they have hand picked some great cover tunes. Songs such as Down The Line and Lonesome Tears In My Eyes are excellent and can stand up next to the originals with high respect. It is wonderful to see Hank Williams Therell Be No Tear Drops Tonight as the groups sound lends itself to the true roots of Rockabilly, which is hillbilly and country.

Many of the songs were very well written by Roy and the musicians work out their own arrangements which make the parts on both the bass and lead guitar very warm and rocking. Always good when the musicians have room to play. The band members compliment each other extremely well.

The CD comes with an eight-page booklet with lyrics of all original songs and many photographs.

Recorded at the Electro Vox vintage recording studio in Hollywood, California. The production team of Ashley Kingman and Wally Hersom are truly a winning team.

Be sure to support this unique and talented group.

Johnny Vallis -
Back Woods beach party (US) Knockin' Em Back

This one is hot a gem in its tenacity and authenticity! The three piece rhythm and take off guitars with an upright bass move between swingin and frantic rockabilly with a couple of slower ballads. Musicianship is understated and makes each track work no distortion or over cranked reverb pedals here. I guess the real test for an album like this is whether it sounds like it could have been recorded any time in the last 50 years it definitely has a timeless feel. - Sarah

Reveille Rock  (UK) Knockin' Em Back
The boys write most of their songs themselves, and the selection on this new release consists of another 11 selfpenned tracks, and a few covers, including Johnny Burnette's "Lonesome tears in my Eyes", Buddy Holly's "Down the Line" and Hank Williams' "There'll Be no teardrops Tonight". The Album comes in a beautifully designed jewel case cover, which includes an 8-page booklet with lyrics of all the selfpenned songs and full color artwork and photographs.
The Roy kay Trio will be touring Holland and Germany in June (2004), and they'll be playing at all the well known rocking spots like Cruise Inn and Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, Caddy's Diner in Purmerend. Check out the band' swebsite for a complete list of the show dates and BE THERE!
Favourite song - "Baby Me" - Phil Terry
ROCK Magazine (Norway) Knockin' Em Back
Nearly two years ago I reviewed the debut album of Roy Kay Trio, an album that has given me much pleasure and that I have played a lot. Authentic rockabilly, recorded live on vintage 50s equipment, and the good review was well deserved.

The band has been touring a lot since then and also found time for a trip to Hollywood to record a new album. 14 tunes this time too, and among them 11 originals. Johnny Burnettes "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes", Buddy Hollys "Down The Line" and Hank Williams' "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" are  the cover songs. The version of "Down The Line" is played with fuzz (yes!) and is very good, but theese are songs we have heard many times and their own songs therefore arise more interest.

The Roy Kay Trio continues from their last album (...) and the bands deep respect for 50s roots music remains. The Seattle-boys have a traditional approach but at the same time are inventive. Main song writer, singer and rhythm guitarist Roy Kay manages to vary the mood, the tempo and the style and gives us fast and melodic rockabilly, midtempo rockabilly and slow/bluesy rockabilly. The Roy Kay Trio plays ONLY rockabilly.

The album is recorded live on two  tracks and slap-bass-player Robin Cady was standing close to the mike. It swings and punches delightfully, and el-guitarist Mike Geglia takes that little one-step-forward when he has something extra on the menu. And that happens a lot, both short hooks and straight guitar solos. The Roy Kay Trio is a tight combo with a lot of good songs, and for those so inclined it is nice to know that the Roy Kay Trio tours Europe this summer.
BlackCat Rockabilly  (NL) Knockin' Em Back
Some two years ago I did a write-up about The Roy Kay Trio's debut album, and it was one heck of a debut. Authentic rockabilly, recorded live in the studio with all vintage tube gear, and the five star recommendation at that time was well earned. But Roy, Mike and Robin haven't been sitting still in the past few years. Always on the road and still they found time time to make another great album for us to enjoy.

The boys write most of their songs themselves, and the selection on this new release consists of another 11 selfpenned tracks, and a few covers, including Johnny Burnette's "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes", Buddy Holly's "Down The Line" and Hank Williams' "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight". The album comes in a beatifully designed jewel case cover, which includes a 8-page booklet with lyrics of all selfpenned songs and full color artwork and photographs.

The Roy Kay Trio will be touring Holland and Germany in June (2004), and they'll be playing at all the well known rocking spots like Cruise Inn and Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, Caddy's Diner in Purmerend. Check out the band's website for a complete list of the the show dates and BE THERE! Don't forget to check out the review I wrote about the Roy Kay Trio debut album, it also includes some more biographical info about the band.
BlackCat Rockabilly  (NL) Wanderin' Mind information provided by the Roy Kay Trio deleted from the review...
And here's the trio's debut CD "Wanderin' Mind". Done live in the studio with all vintage tube gear and produced by Deke Dickerson, a full length effort with fourteen originals and just one cover. All the above info, of course, was provided by The Roy Kay Trio, so now let's see how much of it is true LOL, just kidding of course. I quite agree with their list of originators who influenced their music, but I would like to add one more name, 'cause I hear clearly hear the legacy of the late great Charlie Feathers. It pleases me a lot to hear that this trio makes original 50s style rockabilly, without the addition of steel guitar. Not that I dislike steel guitar, but it always gives more of a hillbilly feeling to the sound, while the Roy Kay Trio is all rockabilly. And rockabilly is what we like best!

They're right about the rhythm, there's plenty of it. Even without drums, this platter is very "boppable". The sound of Mike's Telecaster is beautiful and very "fifties", and Roy's got a neat countrified voice and when Mike does his vocal harmonies, it gets even better. The only cover on this album is Eddie Bond's "Boppin' Bonnie". It's great to hear it revived in it's original form (great slapping bass too!). Such a beautiful song, I wonder why it hasn't been covered much more often. Anyway, it's obvious that these guys have a huge love and respect for fifties roots music, you can hear it, and feel it too, in all of their songs. Real gone! The trio has played all over the west coast of the United States and is scheduled to appear at next year's Viva Las Vegas, 2003. Well, it wouldn't surprise me if, one of these days soon, they'd just hop over the big pond and surprise us at some famous weekender in Europe. - The Black Cat

All Music Guide (US) Wanderin Mind

Rockabilly purists The Ray Kay Trio forgoe the use of drums on their debut album Wanderin' Mind -- and boy, you won't miss 'em. Relying on the rythmic interplay between bassist Robin Cady and rhythm guitarist/lead singer Roy "Kay" Konitzer to get your foot tappin', the result is a low-key and hummable collection of tunes that sound like classics of the genre. Revealing a knack for keeping melodies memorable and swinging, the Kay Trio recorded the album live on vintage equipment at Kearney Barton's studio under the '50s-centric production guidance of roots music luminary Deke Dickerson. Besides covering the Eddie Bond nugget "Boppin' Bonnie," all the songs on Wanderin' Mind are originals, such as "Confused" a terrific mid-tempo number reminiscent of early Johnny Cash, while the uptempo and melodic "High and Low" harkens back to the best of Buddy Holly. Konitzer himself has a warm, congenial Ricky Nelson meets Eddie Cochran voice and when backed with vocal harmony by lead guitarist Mike Geglia may remind some of a more honky-tonk Everly Brothers. Fans of the real stuff will appreciate Wanderin' Mind for what it is -- darn good rockabilly. -Matt Collar
Reveille Rock  (UK) Wanderin Mind
Three young lads from Seattle who not only sound authentic but look it too. An authentic looking band with an authentic sound, with 14 original recordings and only one cover version of 'Boppin Bonnie'. They've got a very crisp sound and very clear vocals.  You can actually sing a long to these songs without pretending to know the words! The CD kicks off with the Title Track Wanderin' Mind.  This is a very good rocker with a sound not unlike Johnny Hortons 'I'm Comin Home'. Throughout the CD your feet keep on a tappin'.  Then you come to track 7 'She's the One', which if you close your eyes you could imagine it being recorded in Sun Studios in the mid 50's. I think the Roy Kay Trio are going to be around for a while and I look forward to seeing them at the Rockabilly Rave in the very near future.
Planet Rockabilly (US) Wanderin Mind
The Roy Kay Trio have been doing their best to entertain folks for over a year now. Hailing from Seattle, WA this three piece band is starting to expand their horizons and has released a full length CD entitled "Wanderin' Mind".  Produced by Deke Dickerson and recorded using vintage equipment, the cd has a very traditional rockabilly sound. Leaning towards the billy side, the band uses smooth playing and vocals throughout the cd. A mid-paced tempo is used throughout most of the songs, which seems to be the downside of a drummerless band. My favorites are Wanderin' Mind, Boppin Bonnie and Go Now. Fans of High Noon will be sure to love it. Pick it up at or and be sure to check them out at VLV 2003.
Mike Murray, Whole Lotta Shakin' radio show WITR (US) Wanderin Mind
Wanderin Mind: 15 stripped down Hoppin' melodies & Boppin' Rythyms to get any dance floor movin'!


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